*  While EA was gearing up to release Madden 22
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21-02-2022, Saat: 11:38
While EA was gearing up to release Madden 22 in the weeks prior to launch, the discussion all about Madden 22 coins new additions in the games. From the introduction of new player classes in Face of The Franchise to the revamped chemistry structure within the MUT game, EA were playing buzzword Bingo in the lead-up to the launch.

But, while certain of these developments are appreciated within the series, some (such the one called Home Field Advantage) feel way overdue. Other (like more Superstar X-Factors) expand on the existing content. In the end, however there's no quantifiable difference from the first season.

At the time of its launch, the game was plagued with bugs and the game's lack of attention to detail, notably showing Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa throwing the football with his right hand, while he's one the few QBs that are left-handed in the league.

In spite of all these bugs, glitches and all that, the new features within Madden 22 are exciting , however they do not add much to the gameplay core of Madden. The feeling EA has tried to create by introducing many of these Home Field Advantages are great, but simple bugs like players that are in the crowd, wearing different jerseys than the signs they're holding, hinder your overall immersion in the football simulator.

Re-entering the pocket with star QBs such those of Mahomes as well as Rodgers is still as it's a normal part of Madden and some of the Superstar-specific X-Factors included by EA Sports has added this year help make this playing experience more fluid. The gameplay does feel slightly more exciting than previous editions and is especially so on the defense aspect of the ball and with more focus upon stick-based defense. However there are a lot of options in Madden 22 are plagued by similar issues to those in previous, or cheap madden coins in some cases, have actually regressed.

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