*  Which cup is better to open a coffee shop?
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16-11-2021, Saat: 10:49
We can see all kinds of paper cups in milk tea coffee shops. Among them, the paper cups of Starbucks coffee shops are refreshing. In addition to these special paper cups, the following paper cups are mainly used in our lives:

Single wall paper cup--Single wall paper cup is one of the paper cups. The main material is a wall of paper. paper bread bag manufacturers The characteristic of the single-wall paper cup is that the wall inside the cup has a smooth PE coating or edible wax.

Single-wall cups are generally used to hold drinking water, mainly cold drink cups. Special wax-plated paper cups must not be used to hold hot water, because the wax dissolves at 70 degrees and is harmful to the human body, while PE coated paper cups Also, if the temperature is too high, ripple wall paper cups harmful substances will be produced.

  Double wall cup--as the name suggests, means that the paper cup has two wall. The quality of double-wall paper cups is better than that of single-wall paper cups.

The use time of double-wall paper cups is also longer than that of single-wall paper cups. bagasse bowls supplier It can also be used to hold hot beverages, such as hot coffee。

Hollow cup--The hollow cup is one of the disposable paper cups. It is hollow inside and has the function of heat insulation. The quality of hollow cups is much higher than that of ordinary paper cups. The service life of hollow cups is far longer than that of ordinary paper cups or single-wall paper cups.

   Hollow cups are also widely used. 20 inch pizza box/24 inch pizza box They are high-end paper cups. They are generally used in milk tea shops, soy milk shops, cold drinks shops, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, dessert houses, and restaurants and hotels.

Corrugated cup--The corrugated cup is a high-grade disposable paper container used for daily drinking. It is in the shape of a mouth cup, and the outer wall is a neatly arranged corrugated paper cup wall. It has a very strong heat insulation effect and is a further step on the basis of disposable paper cups. Improved new paper cup.

  Corrugated cups are usually composed of coated paper cup paper and corrugated paper. The coated paper commonly used in corrugated cups is divided into double coated paper and single coated paper. paper bag The thickness of the usually used coated paper is 218 grams to 300 grams. The thickness of corrugated paper needed for corrugated cups ranges from 280 grams to 340 grams
Hyde Package sells all the paper cups above, which can be wholesaled and can be printed with logo. Our products are of good quality and safe and secure. Our employees serve customers all over the world with the logo of integrity, pragmatism and innovation.
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24-11-2022, Saat: 12:14
The truth is women love designer lunch cooler best travel cooler bag . You can find them at just about any retail shopping mall, online and we all have a hundred stashed away with all those shoes in our closet. Not only do women require highly fashionable handbags, we also require functionality as well. What works for one person may not work for another. Women are all created differently and so is our taste in designer handbags!

Within the ever changing world of high fashion, there is sports duffle bag more important than properly tying together your outfit. This requires purchasing the proper handbag to go with your outfit and figure. Women should be aware of a multitude of things when trying to find that perfect handbag.

For one, where will you be carrying this handbag? Fashion today may require a few different options for the same outfit depending on the area that you plan to be in that day. For example, if you are spending the day at the park, you will need to purchase a different style handbag than if you were spending a night out on the town.

When making a designer handbag purchase to coordinate with your fashion waterproof bicycle bags , it is best to wear the outfit when you complete your shopping outing. This way, you will be able to see how the handbag will look with your outfit before making a final purchase.6299-orange-with-model

Above all, check your friends stash before spending a fortune on that handbag that is sitting in the window of that boutique shop. Nothing is worse than buying the perfect handbag only to find that your best friend has one just like it. Being twins was only cute when we luggage organizer set kids and women now thrive on their own person tastes in fashion. Designer handbags, when carried by women, have the ability to tell a story as no other accessory can. Tell yours the right way!

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