*  Some use of kraft paper packing
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26-09-2022, Saat: 10:30
Some use of kraft paper packing

Kraft paper is used in the chemical, mechanical and other industries, especially in food packaging.salad paper box 1.Kraft paper is widely used in

a variety of packaging supplies, paper bags, handbag kraft paper, color boxes, gift boxes kraft paper, printing kraft paper, notebook kraft paper, workbook kraft paper, kraft paper for envelopes, food packaging, a variety of

high-end commodity packaging; gift boxes such as wine boxes, sportswear, etc.;printed compostable cups envelopes such

as literature, education and health, enterprises and institutions to preserve the archives. Such as common postal seals; can also be processed shopping bags, such as shopping malls and brand stores commonly used in shopping bags

or for the inside of the paper, etc.kraft paper soup cup cup for hot soup Kraft paper's anti-stretch advantage makes it perfect for packaging

needs, thus avoiding the drawback of bags being pulled off.

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2.Kraft paper can also be used as a cushioning material.bulk plastic ice cream cups Some precision parts such as car parts need cushioning. Kraft paper

is a very good cushioning material. Cut it into thin strips and fill it with it to play the role of cushioning, both environmentally friendly and cheap.

3.Kraft paper is especially suitable for making multi-layer kraft paper bags for cement, putty powder, barite powder, titanium dioxide, dry mortar and other powdered products,wholesale sugarcane tray as well as insulating paper, asphalt paper, cable protection paper, adhesive sealing paper and so on.paper tea cups wholesale It is moisture-proof, leak-proof, easy to stack, not easy to slip, safe to transport, etc. It is one of the most chosen packaging materials at home and abroad! The advantage of packaging

with kraft paper is determined by the performance of kraft paper, because kraft paper can be recycled and reused many times, recycling, environmental protection, and the price is not high,

pla straws wholesale low printing costs, cost savings.

4.In order to prevent consumers from taking out food when the bag is pulled off, packaging materials are required to have good tensile strength.wholesale pla straws

Beverage packaging requires materials with a certain degree of moisture resistance and non-deformation ability to prevent water absorption deformation and damage. For the packaging of frozen food, the use of high-strength

materials as packaging is also an important consideration.3oz ice cream cups This material must be able to withstand the thermal expansion and

contraction of low-temperature freezing and high-temperature thawing, and prevent deformation, distortion, wrinkling and excessive moisture absorption.customized frozen yogurt cups Conditions of packaged foods. In these respects, primary color kraft paper is even more suitable than SBS paper.

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