*  Screw Compressor Air Filter
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23-03-2021, Saat: 05:52
About Us
AIDA Machinery Equipment Corporation is a collection of filter strainer, filter element, oil purifier and air compressor design and manufacturing, online sales and marketing as one of the modern manufacturers, with mature independent research and development capabilities. For the past 20 years, AIDA has been adhering to the mission of manufacturing filtration products and creating value for filtration enterprises. By selecting new industrial production equipment and manufacturing process, integrating many years of experience in filter research and development, various filtration and separation technologies, we provide filtration solutions for the fluid industry.
The main products: Foreign replacement filter strainer and filter element series, Air compressor filter series, Metal sintering mesh, Metal fiber felt, Metal powder sintering material, High flow filter housing, Bag filter housing, Self-cleaning filter, Vacuum oil purifier, Portable oil purifier, etc.
We always believed that company' success is directly related to the quality of the products we provide. They comply with ISO9001, ISO 10012:2003, environmental management system certification, special equipment manufacturing license and the highest quality requirements set out in our strict quality control system.
Our factory production and inspection equipment
Filter barrel forming machine, beat machine, automatic straight seam welding work, line cutting machine, rotating welding table, argon arc welding machine, portable spectrometer, sintered felt tester, graded efficiency test bench
Our Services
Pre-sales service: Sales manager with professional ability explains filter element, filter strainer and oil purifier product parameters and characteristic, recommends relevant products according to the actual demands of customers, to ensure that purchase of filter parts or related filtration equipment and oil purifier equipment can meet their needs.
After-sales service: Visit customers periodically and follow up regularly, and solve all problems encountered in the process of customers' use.Screw Compressor Air Filter

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