*  RuneScape - At Slayer Tower you'll be able to kill them
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21-02-2022, Saat: 11:36
How would you fare in prayer switching? If they're attacking with melee, and OSRS gold then they unleash, then you need to guess between range or mage. If you can guess correctly then you're good, but if it's wrong , you're likely to be a victim before switching... Correct me if i am mistaken... it's what I read on guides. I haven't been there, nor have I even finished the quest yet.

That's the way I do it. This is a pattern. they don't switch their attacks randomly, are they? No, it's not random. It's but they don't strike with melee in any way therefore it's better to pray agaisnt magic or range. If they're about to start moving, then when they sound their roars, a tiny bone shard will pop up as it moves upwards but it's a little tricky to spot often. Be on the lookout for it if there's been a melee.

At Slayer Tower you'll be able to kill them more quickly with melee so if you're after, take the slayer tower option. Armor is the best magic protection (Attack is melee but it's defense is based off magic, so you can use d'hide or the similar) or if you feel like praying (Bit of useless unless you're fighting the mutated ones using a cannon) then best prayer protection and pray for protection from melee. For weapons go with your best weapon to slash.
Personally, I would prefer range as they're fantastic with range xp, which is essentially huge meatsacks. In addition, there are plenty of semi-safespots in the slayer tower that you can use to vary them from. Since you'd be trying to avoid them (Getting them stuck in walls, rubble piles and the like since they consume 2 squares) Choose the best range bonus equipment, archer helm/robin, best snakeskin boots/ranger.

To use the weapon, choose a the magic shortbow or rune crossbow with the arrows and bolts you want. If you've already completed the seergaze's legacy, but would like the fastest xp then you should take the cannon and pray gear towards the tunnels in front of the blood altar. Locate the area with buy runescape 3 gold altered ones, pray melee before you start your cannon.

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