*  Rsgoldfast - Farming now isn't as challenging as it once was
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14-04-2021, Saat: 10:19
Personally, Farming now isn't as challenging as RuneScape gold it once was. The Solution. How do this upgrade not ruin Farming? How do we make it so you don't earn as much expertise and profit 99 too readily? You may be wondering. Well it's a simple solution.

Just enjoy the Assist System there is a set quantity of experience which you can profit from assisting every 24 hours. Perhaps this may be used for the Vinesweeper mini-game? If this was put in place then Vinesweeper would not be as big an impact in Farming since it now is. Thank you for reading. Please post constructive citricisum.

My idea to bring back a few facets of the older deul arena would be to devote a"notice board" type of thing. The"notice board" would be a place like the grand exchange for deuling. It would allow you to set a stake offer in the machine saying how much you are staking and what lvls"staking: 400m, lvls 98-103" a player could then click this button and it would give them more information on the duel(the search system would function like the grand exchange in the way that you would type in what attack style (mage, melee, ranged, or summoning) then pick how much money you wish to stake and this wouldn't reaveal the poster of this stake that matches what you wanted).

The info would inform"Ranged""no meals,prayer" (as well as what world) or even more and those rules would be unchangeable so if a person accepted the duel they could not scam"prayer on" or"mellee onto" however they might agree on"obsticals on/off" along with much more. It would also tell your exact lvl in"Ranged" and"Hitpoints,fight" and the rest will be too.

Then if you agree with all the bet you may place your cash from the machine and then be told"enter through the gloomy ladder on earth 39" or somthing like that. And there is no way to take out your money oz which you put it in. This stops rwters since if they agree on some deul and realize it is not the ideal person they cant just take their money they need to win the bet to buy old school runescape gold receive their cash back.

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