*  People also have dm'ed. In many cases
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16-12-2021, Saat: 09:41
For all bosses in other games, they were created to be used without gravestones, and with real the risk of. A grave with no blessing lets you reclaim things from Bandos, KBD, Chaos Ele, Mole and apparently Zammy. DKs and Sara can be located in graves that have bless.

Furthermore, graves reduce the risk of RS by a significant amount. We know that someone will not bless your grave so that they have the chance to spit on your rage, but that is sort of the purpose. It's not that they are a penis. This is how the RS Death Penalty operates. Graves have altered this.

The purpose of the blessing was to serve as a replacement for you picking up your possessions and returning them to you. The answer is easy There are three options. Limit your risk to what you can afford to lose. Hopefully, we'll see a decrease in the amount of maxed out gear players at bosses simply because there is now an extremely slim chance that they will be unable to keep the gear.

Bossing with your friends It's what they did before their graves, if they wanted to be less risky. You can do what you want, but you should also realize that you will only be accountable when the blessing is granted. I for one will be stealing from random strangers' fat loot piles. This absurd argument is over.

The PKing group of RuneScape used to be an acceptable group of players back when the old wilderness was still in existence. The first thing we did was ask "dm?" We asked "dm?" or "fight?" or "fight" before attacking another. We wanted to make sure that they were prepared and we were able to have a fair, fun fight.

People also have dm'ed. In many cases, in RuneScape these times, I'll ask anyone "dm?" You will get a response of "sure", or "yes" within minutes.
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