*  Gasoline Engine Made in China
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23-03-2021, Saat: 05:50
Lubricating typeSplashing
Rated power1.1kw/3600rpm
Fuel consumption鈮?45g/kw.h
Compression ratio8.5:1
Starting systemRecoil start
Ignition systemInduction ignition
Fuel tank capacity1.3L
Lube capacity0.3L
Engine typeSingle cylinder,4-stroke
Net weight9.0kgs
Gross weight10kgs
鈼?Quick Details
Type: 2.5HP152F small air cooled 4-stroke gasoline engine
Certification: ISO9001 & CE&European Union Rohs
Warranty: 1 year
Place of Origin: Chongqing, China
Brand Name: Hongmei
Package Type: carton box or as customers requirment.
鈼?Gasoline engine accessories
The function of the piston is under the pressure of the gas in the cylinder, and the force to the connecting rod. The top of the piston and cylinder head of combustion chamber, the fuel into the cylinder is burning in the space.
Water pump assembly
Is the work of water pump for cooling water pressure, to ensure its circulating in the cooling system. In forced circulation cooling system, use the centrifugal water pump to increase the pressure of cooling water, the water in the cooling system to accelerate circulation. Due to the centrifugal water pump has simple structure, small size, reliable operation, easy in manufacture, and therefore is widely used. Driven by the crankshaft pump impeller rotates counterclockwise, turn the water pumps together, under the effect of centrifugal force, the water was left to the edge of the pump casing produce certain pressure, the outlet flow out. In the center of the impeller, because the water was dumped to the outer edge and the pressure is reduced, the water in the tank and the inlet pipe by suction pump, the impeller dumps out again.
Oil pump assembly
Oil pump is the power source of the lubrication system of oil pressure and flow rate. It is needed to ensure the engine lubrication oil pressure and flow rate. The structure of oil pump gear, rotor, vane and plunger. Commonly used with gear type and rotor type.
Oil filter
Oil is used for filtration of metal abrasive dust, mechanical impurity and oil oxidation product of itself, such as a variety of organic acids, such as asphaltene and carbide, prevent them from entering parts of friction surface and parts hair, scratch, wear, and prevent burn out bearing lubrication system channel jam for serious accidents. Oil filter performance is good or bad will directly affect the internal combustion engine overhaul period and service life.
Function: the power supply to the power equipment, and to the battery charging, in order to meet the requirements of battery charging, automobile generator output voltage must be direct current. Internal combustion engine with some generator usually with shunt dc generator, the silicon rectifying generator and permanent magnet alternator. On the car at home and abroad at present using the generator are almost silicon rectifying alternators. Silicon rectifying generator which are composed of rotor, stator, rectifier, end cover, fan impeller. Generators two phase alternating current (ac) through the rectifier three-phase bridge type full-wave rectifier, converted into direct current. The output voltage is commonly 28 v.
Micro tillage machine
micro tillage machine is according to China's vast hilly, mountainous area, plot small, elevation difference is big, again without JiGengDao, specially for orchards, vegetable greenhouses, hilly slopes and small pieces (water, dry field) homework. Powered by small diesel or gasoline engine, with integral variable speed gear box or belt clutch for transmission, with light weight, small volume, simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, stable and reliable work, long service life, low fuel consumption, high production efficiency, etc.
Gasoline engine parts
Generally fall into two major institutions and five systems: connecting rod {1. The body group (cylinder block, cylinder liner, the oil pan, etc.) 2. The piston connecting rod set (piston, connecting rod) 3. The crankshaft valve-train flycoheel) (valve, valve group) starting system, fuel supply system, ignition system (proprietary) of engine cooling system, lubricating system
鈼?Our Competitive Advantages
1) As a manufacturer, we can provide you good quality and low price products immediately instead of purchase from distributors.
2) We are manufacturer and we have our own export right.
3) We have professional technical engineers, so we can solve all the problems you meet. We manufacture it, we know it.
4) Most kinds of engine models, advanced technology, long performance life.
鈼?Our Services
Pre-Sales Service
* Inquiry and consulting support.
* We will do as much as we can to meet your requirements about tillers(Logo,color etc).
* We will follow the order by photo and video to you when producing and packing.
* View our Factory.
After-Sales Service
* Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.
* Your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information are under protection.
鈼?Company Information
Chongqing Hongmei Technology co., Ltd. Located in Chongqing China, Hongmei is one of the largest exporter of gasoline&diesel engine,gasoline&diesel weeder or motor hoe, gasoline&diesel water pump,gasoline generator, gasoline power sprayer etc since 2004, so we have rich experience in this field. Most of our products are approved by CE and each components is produced according to European Union Rohs Standard.
We have over 250 employees, with an annual sales figure that exceeds USD 2000,000 and are currently exporting 90% of our products to worldwide countries. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.
If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients from around the world in the near future.
鈼?Certificates obtained Gasoline Engine Made in China

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